My Craftsman Story

I have encountered leather the first time during my childhood, when on the attic of my grandfather I have discovered boxes full of rolls of old leather, some of them labeled with a date 1934. Much later I have learned that my grand grand father was a shoemaker. I keep one pair of his shining shoes in my workshop.

After studies I have sailed on seas, I have worked in New Zealand, but I have been always attracted by leather. It was clear I have it in my genes. I had a vision --- to do what like in my own workshop. I was lucky it has worked out.

I am creating things which become part of peoples life.

I attend the detail with the same joy as the complete product. They say that this is what attract people to my work. I believe that it is more the work of my hands, which somehow itself imprints into my products.

From what and how I sew?

In essence, my products are simple. I work only with materials which I trust and with those which I have tested. I buy the best quality leathers not because I want the products to be exclusive, but to last so long that our grand children can still use it.

I use the best quality threads, waxes and creams from brands, which produce them for hundreds of years and adhering to the same old processes, where quality is always on the first place.

All of this creates a product, which you would enjoy to use every day.   

How do I sew?

I use old technique without any machinery, just simple tools and hands.

I was lucky, that father of my friend has left me tools after his father, who had small leather manufacture. That's why on my old things you can find a logo from the First Republic – Billets. In those times it was considered important to use good and quality things. The use of these tools fuels my commitment to old proven techniques.

I enjoy doing things that I like. As in the old days, people come to me and tell me, what they would like to have. And I create it for them. 

For whom do I sew?

I sew for everyone who loves good well made things that last long and from which they can feel the touch of human hands. I do not care, if you want a keyring, wallet, a cover for a cell phone, or a saddlery.

I personally care about every customer. I try to figure out, what exactly does he/she want. I explain how the product will be tailored such that it will be fully functional without compromises. That is why people come back for more.  

I would gladly make a personal appointment with you by phone +420 725 995 694.